We’re pleased to announce the release of 6000 Moons, a data-driven virtual reality (VR) experience for exploring the orbits and function of the world’s satellites. It includes both a guided instructional tour, and a free mode which allows you to attach and fly along.

The Oculus VR platform is a fascinating canvas for simulation and visualization. To build 6000 Moons and its virtual globe, we combined publicly available flight and telemetry data with a computational simulation that spans CPU and GPU. And we deepened our commitment to the promise and challenge of virtual reality systems.

To download the experience, and learn more about the ways Bin’s approach to virtual reality systems might align with your work, visit our 6000 Moons page.

As lifelong developers and musicians, we turned our experience in data analytics, signal processing and application design toward a question that intrigued us: why don’t more tools for the tablet use the power of the device to deeply augment the personal act of musical practice?

We answered by developing Sonoptic for iOS. Designed to give musicians insightful, real-time visual feedback as they practice, Sonoptic offers students and teachers a new tool for understanding phrasing, intonation, and pitch/rhythmic accuracy. The app includes a rich catalog of over 300 melodic drills that can be algorithmically targeted to match the player’s style and level.

Learn more at our Sonoptic product site.