Still life, Arc
Courtesy Frances Murray

We help clients with four areas that define today’s software landscape: The rise of data-intensive computation. The emergence of new devices and delivery paths. The rapid evolution of frameworks and platforms. And the rising importance of quality—in both form and function—as software becomes even more pervasive.

Each Bin consulting engagement is different, and begins with a discussion of your problems and goals. We are available for brief advisory engagements on architectural and strategic questions, as well as full design and development projects.

Please reach out if you think a conversation might help. We’d love to talk with you about the specific challenges of your domain.



  • Scalable web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Audio/multimedia
  • Rich connected experiences
  • Instrumentation and analytics
  • Globalization
  • Scale & performance optimization
  • Device power management
  • Hardening and crash reporting


  • Consumer finance and payment applications
  • Social user content applications
  • High-volume structured data exchange
  • Financial modeling and backtesting
  • MapReduce and other data-intensive computing patterns
  • Local and textual search
  • On-demand clustering for scientific workloads



  • Data modeling
  • Corpus quality analysis
  • Arranging for performance
  • Inference and probabilistic modeling
  • Relevance and precision measurement
  • Cost, capacity and redundancy planning


  • Relational and NoSQL
  • Storage, cache and index optimization
  • Pervasive instrumentation
  • Content intake, freshness and validation
  • Process debugging and transparency
  • Redundancy and failover
  • Regulatory compliance and provenance
  • Cryptographic and key management practices
  • Prototype and production tooling



  • Feature selection and validation
  • Algorithm selection and implementation
  • Inference and predictive systems
  • Training and test set development
  • Query disambiguation and classification
  • Static and dynamic ranking
  • Relevance and precision measurement
  • Human relevance techniques


Architecture and design

  • Infrastructure (Amazon EC2, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Platform (Amazon RDS, Google App Engine)
  • API (Google Analytics, Flurry, HockeyApp, etc.)
  • Public/private approaches

Implementation experience

  • High-availability transactional web services
  • Interactive and batch data processing
  • Service-to-service stack integration
  • Federated and proprietary identity adoption
  • Disaster recovery planning


Design and Concept

  • Spatial UX prototyping
  • Service and API design
  • Platform selection and costing
  • Dataset research and analysis
  • System migration strategy


  • Application development
  • Algorithm development
  • Service and API implementation
  • Instrumentation and monitoring



  • End-to-end conceptual design
  • Real-time spatial and geospatial rendering solutions
  • Data-driven visualization and simulation
  • 3D graphics pipeline optimization, including CPU/GPU tradeoffs
  • Common rendering APIs and languages (e.g. OpenGL, GLSL, etc.)
  • Design with comfort as a first-order concern
  • HCI and input device integration (e.g. Leap, Nimble VR)
  • Multi-platform architectures
  • Gaming engines (e.g. Unreal Engine, Unity, or custom engine work)
  • Sound fabric design & implementation