I’ve been lucky to have built systems used by millions: consumer software products for desktop & mobile, web experiences, and the back-end systems that power them. I specialize in designing systems that coordinate large data- and compute-intensive workloads. I have also led teams applying machine learning to some of the largest algorithmic challenges in the industry.

I got hooked on building software young. I remember typing out BASIC program listings from books into our Apple IIGS as a young kid. Enamored with such a unique and powerful channel to create, I taught myself a number of languages–primarily C and C++–and pursued software as a hobby before getting my Computer Science degree at the University of Washington.

My other favorite mechanism of creation is music, as a woodwind player and aspiring guitarist.

I have a lifelong interest in modeling the world’s behavior through computation. From early work modeling estuarine and biochemical systems, through work at Microsoft that included geospatial platforms, technical computing, local search, social content sharing systems, and many consumer internet applications, my fascination with scalable computational simulation and problem-solving has deepened. This is what excites me most about our work at Bin.

My experience with entrepreneurship began with an unforgettable role as non-founding ‘employee one’ at an early new media startup. I am an active advisor and seed-stage investor in areas where I have something to add. I hold a B.S. from the University of Virginia, and an M.F.A. from the University of Arizona.

In my spare time, I am a pianist, percussionist, and curious student of human and canine behavior.